A Fresher’s Guide To Packing For University

September 13, 2016 - bellvue-admin - Student Life

It’s getting to that exciting time of year again where we throw our lives into a suitcase and move off to university.

But packing for uni isn’t just like heading off to Ibiza for the week, there’s a whole lot more that goes into it that you probably haven’t considered.

But don’t panic! Just a little bit of organisation before a week (or should that be a year) of cutting loose will save you a lot of hassle further down the line.

The first thing to always remember is that you simply don’t need to take every single thing from your room back home to uni with you, especially as your uni room is probably going to be a lot smaller than your one at home.

Instead, you need to really prioritise and strip yourself down to the bare essentials. After all, you’re going to be back home for Christmas sooner than you’d think, and you don’t want to come back to a totally empty wardrobe!

If you feel like you’re packing way too much, it’s important to remembering something…

Wherever you’re moving will have shops! If you’re fretting over how to squeeze a frying pan into your suitcase, remember that you can just pick one up super cheap when you get there.

(And to be honest, chances are that between you, everyone in your halls will have brought more than enough kitchen supplies).

We really loved this infographic from The Student Housing Company which outlines everything that you’re going to need, split down by each room of the house.

It’s interactive too, so when you hover your mouse over certain sections, extra info will pop up!

As you can see from the infographic, there’s probably a lot more to think about than you first realised, but as long as you take your time and think about it, you’ll be totally fine!

Here are a couple of things you might not have considered:

  • A USB TV Stick to stream things such as iPlayer and Netflix (your new mates will love you for this).
  • A printer (Only if you have one/can fit one in your room. Saves a lot of trips to the library).
  • Laundry basket (Even an empty box will do)
  • Doorstop (So that everyone walking past know you’re a social guy or gal!)
  • Fancy dress (Trust us, you’ll need it for freshers week!)
  • Pack of cards (Ring of fire anyone?)



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