10 Free Things To Do In Middlesbrough As A Student

Middlesbrough as a Student

June 29, 2018 - bellvue-admin - Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough, home to over 20,000 university students hosts a wide range of eateries, clubs, bars, shops and much more, making it a vibrant and lively location to live and study in.

In fact, it was recently voted as the 2nd best city for a night out in the UK! Thanks My Voucher Codes!

But, with lots going on to see and do, did you know that there are actually a number of activities that you can enjoy without having to pay a penny?

So if you’re looking to take a break from having your head in the books without having to say goodbye to your student loan, here are 10 free things to do in and around Middlesbrough.

Roseberry Topping

This distinctive and iconic landmark situated roughly 30 minutes from Middlesbrough is the perfect way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the town and enjoying some fantastic scenery and stunning views.

The landmark which was caused by both a geological fault and mining collapse in 1912 has made the hill a very popular destination in the Tees Valley area.

Whether you fancy tackling a hike up the hill or would prefer a leisurely stroll through the beautiful bluebell woods, Roseberry topping is a fantastic way of taking a break from the library and embracing the magnificent countryside surrounding Middlesbrough.

You can find out more about what to expect and how to get to Roseberry Topping by heading to the National Trust.

Stewart Park

Located roughly ten minutes by car from the centre of Middlesbrough, Stewart Park is a great way of enjoying some peace and quiet as you soak up the wonderful surroundings along the woodland walkway.

In the warmer months, the park is a great location for a picnic. The inclusion of the popular ‘pet’s corner’ which let’s be honest you’re never really too old to enjoy, makes it a fantastic way of getting away from the stresses of revision and essays, even just for a couple of hours.

Tees Transporter Bridge

If you haven’t yet witnessed the stunning architecture of the Tees Transporter Bridge then this is certainly a must see during your time at University.

The bridge which is just a fifteen-minute walk from the centre of the town is a popular historical landmark of the area which opened back in 1911.

For those of you who are keen photographers or obsessed with capturing the perfect picture for your Instagram, the bridge really comes into its own at night-time when it’s lit up. Read more about the Tees Transporter Bridge by heading to Love Middlesbrough.

The Dorman Museum

Become immersed in Middlesbrough’s heritage as you learn about the natural history and geology, to the social history and Victorian arts and craft of the town.

The Dorman Museum which offers eight themed display galleries and two changing exhibition spaces over two floors is a great day out if you fancy taking a break from your studies as you explore the wonderful heritage of Middlesbrough town.

Albert Park

Another beautiful location allowing you to enjoy a more scenic and picturesque setting, Albert Park is a Green Flag park covering over 100 acres makes for a pleasant day out with your housemates.

Whilst the park itself is free to enter, the visitor centre, cafe, roller skating rink, swan hire on the lake and even tennis courts make it the perfect location to visit during summer. Being just a five-minute drive or twenty-minute walk from the town’s centre means that it’s easily accessible.

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Being one of the UK’s leading galleries for modern and contemporary art and craft, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art is well worth a visit.

With a number of fantastic exhibitions on display, this is the perfect activity for a rainy day for those with an interest in art to spend some time reflecting and observing the institution’s magnificent galleries.

The Tunnel Gallery

Another great one to visit if you enjoy contemporary art, The Tunnel Gallery is an underground gallery exhibiting new art.

The Gallery is located in the commuter tunnel which runs beneath Middlesbrough Railway Station. Its displays showcase fresh and interesting art created by reproductions of work through scanned or digital photography. The images are then reprinted and pasted onto the wall.

So next time you are heading to the station, make sure to leave a spare few minutes to stop by The Tunnel Gallery and take a look at the interesting artworks on display.


Located just under half an hour away from Middlesbrough, Saltburn-by-the-Sea certainly makes for a brilliant day out.

This charming Victorian seaside resort with its pier, bright and vibrant Italian Gardens and walks through Riftswood has plenty to offer if you fancy escaping Middlesbrough for a few hours.

Head to Saltburn by the Sea’ site to find out more about planning your day trip here, as well as what this lovely destination has to offer. 

Stockton Infinity Bridge

The bridge which was constructed back in 2009 using 450 tonnes of locally produced steel is a fabulous demonstration of contemporary design.

The two asymmetrical arches which reflect in the water to create an infinity symbol is particularly stunning at night-time when the bridge is lit up, so make sure to visit the bridge in the evening! Find out more about the bridge by heading to this is Stockton.

Fairy Dell

Fairy Dell, the hidden gem of Middlesbrough, is a great activity to be able to enjoy the beauty of the countryside without having to travel too far, in fact, it’s just a fifteen-minute drive.

Fairy Dell is a haven for wildlife, and with its wooded banks, becks, lakes and woodland, it’s extremely tranquil and ideal if you want a breath of fresh air. The park also features wonderful sculptures carved by a local artist using a chainsaw.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to discover what Middlesbrough has to offer without having to part with your pennies, many of which are practically on your doorstep!


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