10 Top Tips For Landing A Summer Internship

Landing an Internship

April 25, 2016 - bellvue-admin - Employment

Internships offer a great opportunity to experience a particular industry that you might be interested in pursuing after your studies. Not only do you get first-hand practice of the types of things you might be doing, but if you manage to make a good impression then the company may even offer you a job for when your course finishes!

However, the hunt to secure the perfect internship can be a long and rather tiring process, particularly as there is a lot of competition for a limited amount of internship places.

As it’s fast approaching the summer season, this means that there isn’t long to secure yourself an internship over the summer holidays.

Therefore to help give you the best chance of securing an internship or placement that will give you some valuable experience, as well as to help prepare yourself for the world of work, then these ten top tips will certainly point you in the right direction.

1.Be organised

Starting the research for your summer internship in plenty of time will help ensure that you have the pick of the best internships.

Internships get snapped up pretty quickly from January onwards, (this will depend on the particular industry) therefore the earlier you start looking and preparing, the quicker you will hopefully land something, and if you aren’t successful then you will still have had the experience of going through the application and interview process which you can use to your advantage for the future.

2. Record everything you do

A great suggestion by themuse.com, discussing how to land the summer internship of your dreams, is to keep track of everything you’re doing and everyone you’re applying to.

Keeping a spreadsheet detailing points such as the internship company details including the name, location, deadline dates for application and contact information will help to keep you organised and clear headed so that you know exactly whereabouts you are up to with your application process and what you still need to do.

3. Know your resources

Knowing exactly where to look is an important start to your internship search. It will be a very long process if you’re just using the internet to look for basic searches for your industry of interest, therefore researching using better resources could give you an advantage.

Talk to your tutor or lecturers and see where they recommend looking or if they have any suggestions of companies to search for. This will also help you to understand your options a little bit better so that you know what’s out there.

4. Aim for the top

Getting the best internship possible is what you’ll be aiming for, as gaining experience from an acclaimed company will help put a sparkle on your CV.

Therefore, research the top companies in your industry and see what they are offering. Even if you write to the company and they don’t offer you an internship, there could be opportunities for gaining a few days of work experience which will still help to boost your CV for future applications.

5. Join a society or club

Another tip to help boost your application and show your commitment to your chosen area is to join a society or club related to your industry.

Not only will this look great on your application and display your interest in the subject, but according to Money Crashers, it’s also a great networking opportunity giving you the chance to meet other people in the industry and get some valuable advice about your application and future career options.

6. Critique your application

Whether it is your online application or covering letter, critically evaluating your application is essential.

Companies and recruiters will look through a number of different applications, therefore a concisely written application will help your points to be voiced clearly and without any waffle surrounding them.

Furthermore, avoid any silly spelling or grammatical errors by getting a few different people to read through your application for mistakes. After all, you will have put in a lot of time and effort into your application, and a few silly errors could instantly jeopardise your overall application, therefore it’s definitely worth the time to pay particular attention to detail.

7.Think like the interviewer

Receiving the news that you have been selected for interview is as exciting as it daunting, as this is when the pressure really starts.

The best advice we could give you to help ensure that you perform as well as you can in the interview is to practice, practice and practice!

The more you know your material inside the out, the more confident you will be in delivering your responses.

A common fear that people have with interviews is that they are asked questions which they don’t know the answer to, therefore to help avoid having a mind blank during your interview, try and think as much like the interviewer as you can during your preparation.

Speak to other people who have also been through the process for a similar internship or your lecturer or tutor who might be able to give you some interview advice about what you might be asked. Make a list of possible questions you could be asked and draft out some answers for you to memorise.

8. Research the company

It’s not only essential that you have thoroughly researched the company during your application to the firm, but when it comes to an interview, it’s also very important that you have touched up your knowledge for what the company does and offers.

Raising your knowledge of the company during an interview and even highlighting projects or items of current news about the company will demonstrate that you’re passionate and genuinely interested in working for that particular company, and will help you to appear more engaging which will ultimately help to make your application stand out.

9. Ask plenty of questions

As well as the company interviewing you to see whether you are right for them, it’s also equally important that you check the internship they are offering and the company itself is correct for you.

Landing the right internship will help further your knowledge of your chosen industry, therefore it’s essential that you ask plenty as well as the right sort of questions.

According to an article published on time.com, this could include questions such as “what professional outcomes will be gained from the internship?” or “what skills will I be developing or applying in this area of work?”.

10. Embrace your inner rookie

Our last top tip for landing the ultimate summer internship outlined on Forbescomes from Ryan Kahn, career coach and founder of The Hired Group who says that you need to embrace your inner rookie during your application.

A lack of experience can often be a worry if brought up in an interview, however Ryan says that this shouldn’t intimidate you in any way.

Instead try and use any other experience, whether this is related to your studies or another job you’ve had, or even a hobby to your advantage. Think of the skills you have gained, whether this is leadership, teamwork or using your initiative and comment on how these would prove to be useful for your role in the workplace.

Securing a summer internship can be easier than you think if you start in plenty of time and undertake the right preparation.  A few months of regular research and hard work will pay off and help land you with the internship that you want. Don’t forget to seek advice from those around you who have also gone through the process and prepare as much as you can.


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