10 Ways To Earn Money As A Student

Earn money as a student

June 4, 2016 - bellvue-admin - Employment

There’s no hiding from the fact that student life can be a little tight on the purse strings. As the workload gradually increases each year, so does the difficulty in finding time to earn a bit of extra money to keep you afloat.

For the majority of us, a student loan just simply isn’t enough to survive off, so another source of income is very important but difficult to find.

If this sounds like your current situation, fear not, because here at Bellvue Students we have put together this list of ten ways to earn money as a student:

1. Have Tech Spring Clean

While you might well have arrived at university with a box full of CDs, games and DVDs that you love, you’d be a liar to say that they get regularly used, as it’s all probably on Netflix or Spotify!

As they gather dust under your bed, you could be lying on a fortune. Download apps like music Music Magpie or Amazon, where you can find out how much they could be worth and how to sell them on.

2. Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone

Along a similar tangent, you’d also be a liar to suggest you’d never broken a mobile phone, or have a spare lying around. These phones, no matter how rubbish or broken, can bring a decent recycle price.

Take a look at sites like Mazuma and Envirofone to see what you could earn from that smashed up smartphone on your bedside table.

3. Be A Film Extra

Ever fancied starring in a Hollywood film or national TV show? Well, your dreams could become reality be becoming an extra.

Depending where you are based or are willing to travel, these jobs pop up is semi-regularly and can pay £50-100 per day. The Casting Collective is a great place to start. Just bear in mind there is a LOT of waiting around on set.

4. Take Part In A Clinical Trial

The world of clinical trials is a strange one, so the simplest rule is, the higher the pay rate, the more will be asked of you.

There are always clinical trails on, which can range from blood and urine samples to courses of drugs. Of course, there are potential risks with some, so remember to only sign up to what you’re comfortable with.

5. Go Busking

Are you a musician? Do you walk down the high street every other day and moan about how rubbish the guy playing the same three songs on the saxophone is?

If this sounds like you, why not get out there and do it yourself, there’s plenty of money to be made. Just remember to check what your local authority’s ruling is on busking, with some requiring registration and a potential annual fee, while others have an open door policy.

6. Take An Online Survey

Your inbox no doubt is regularly stocked up with emails asking you to be a part of some form or survey, which we all tend to ignore.

But maybe you should do the opposite, as there are lots of great surveys out there from which you can win shopping vouchers or simply guaranteed small sums of cash. A few of good ones to try are Toluna, Vivatic and My Survey, which pay a few quid for every survey you take part in.

7. Use Your Skills

If you’re at uni, there is a good chance you have a marketable skill, so why not put it to good use?

There are lots of great websites where you can offer your skills up for a more reasonable price than a professional would. So perhaps if you are a graphic designer, animator or musician, your services might well be needed on sites like Fiverr.

8. Sell Your Hair

Do you have particularly long hair? Do you fancy a new, shorter cut? If these things apply, then you could be making some quick cash from it.

Sites like Hair Harvest allow you to send in your trimmed locks and then offer you a price for it. If you fancy being offered a price before losing the long hair, try Buy & Sell Hair, where you can add a price to your posted hair.

This should potentially be seen as a short-term solution, as hair shorter than 10inches just isn’t going to bring a good price. Aim for around £200 for a good price.

9. Sell Your Old Books

Lots of courses rely on the sale and resale of textbooks because the new editions are just too expensive, especially when you require 5-10 every year.

After investing an uncomfortable amount in textbooks during your first and second year, consider moving them on if you no longer require them. There will always be students open to buying them because of the gap in price between new and old.

10. Get A Part-Time Job

The simplest but most time-consuming earner is the part-time job. While the full-time job is difficult to get (just wait until graduation), there are always plenty of part-time roles available.

A great place to start is your student union, who will likely take you on in a bar or counter role even with limited or no experience.

If you take a look down the high street during the summer and right at the start of term, there will likely be plenty of roles available in shops, with the previous year’s leavers leaving vacancies.

If you have no luck at either of these, check both e4s and Student Job for vacancies all around the country.

As daunting and difficult as it might be, there are ways to squeeze in a little bit of earning alongside your studying, so get out there and live a little more comfortable.


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