5 Of Preston’s Top Student Nightlife Hotspots

Preston's Top Student Hotspots

July 1, 2016 - bellvue-admin - Preston

Preston, home of UCLAN (the University of Central Lancashire) is as such also home to over 300,000 students. But where do its hundreds of thousands of students all party after a hard day’s studying? As one of the leading providers of student accommodation in Preston, we like to think we know the area pretty well! As such, here are just 5 of Preston’s top student nightlife hotspots.

53 Degrees

Self-proclaimed (and not without reason) as ‘Lancashire’s leading venue for concerts’, 53 Degrees is a £6.5 million building which benefits from being home to two separate venue spaces with a combined capacity of almost 2000. What is more, 53 Degrees requires the capacity to admit thousands, as it regularly attracts and hosts gigs by many of the UK’s and world’s best bands, DJs and musos.

Situated bang in the heart of Lancashire and attracting both students and straight up music lovers from across the region, previous performers and acts to play at 53 Degrees include Alien Ant Farm, Mystery Jets, Wishbone Ash, The Bluetones, Enter Shikari, Dirty Pretty Things, The Courteeners, Scroobius Pip, Kasabian, The Subways and Johnny Marr.

As well as being a firm favourite with major and internationally acclaimed bands and musicians, 53 Degrees also hosts some of the country’s finest cover acts and regularly puts on tribute nights to celebrate music legends like Bowie, Prince and The Smiths. Finally, and as if all that wasn’t enough, 53 Degrees also prides itself on being out-and-out northern, supporting and showcasing a wide and eclectic array of Lancastrian born talent, including the massively loved band, The Lancashire Hot Pots.

Adelphi and The Roper Hall

Adelphi and Roper Hall are actually two separate, but equally loved Scream bars. Whilst Adelphi is situated in the UCLAN university Campus, The Roper Hall is to be found in Preston City centre. Being Scream bars, both are hugely popular with Preston’s student population, providing more in terms of drinks offers on any given night than entertainment, strictly speaking.

That said, due perhaps to the inexpensive and wide selection of cheap booze and offers provided, the atmosphere at both Adelphi and The Roper Hall is guaranteed. And so too is the opportunity to meet and party with a diverse and excitable gaggle of students and party goers enjoying a few inexpensive pints and pitchers before hitting the nightclubs.

For anyone intending to get themselves along to either Adelphi or Roper Hall it is prudent to invest in the purchase of a Yellow Card to make even more savings on drinks. At an annual cost of £1, a Yellow Card (provided and sold in all Scream Bars in the UK) permits students to make extra savings on drinks and as well hot and cold food.

The Warehouse

Preston’s best loved, longest living and only three-floor alternative nightclub venue, The Warehouse is a massively popular place, not just among students; rockers, punks and just about every kind of mainstream-shirking party person in Lancashire knows and frequents  The Warehouse.

Open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night from 10.30pm until 2.30am, The Warehouse is a Mecca for those who cringe at the words ‘foam party’ and light up at the words ‘mosh pit’. It isn’t just rock loving students that love The Warehouse though. First opening its doors back in the 1970s, The Warehouse began its life as one of (if not the) North West’s Best loved Punk clubs and over the years has hosted gigs by just about every kind of rock band from The Rolling Stones to Joy Division, who played The Warehouse only weeks before Ian Curtis’s death.

Hence, for students arriving in Preston who fail to live up to the mainstream (and those who definitely wouldn’t want to), The Warehouse is a dream escape, and a must visit venue. Split  between three floors, these days the first floor is dedicated to ‘Rock & Emo’ while the middle floor DJs play ‘Pop Mash-Up’ and the top floor is resolutely a place for anybody who loves their ‘Indie’ tunes.


Lofty’s might be a lesser known name amongst Preston’s student population, but that is not to say it is not worth knowing about. Perhaps part of the reason Lofty’s fails to get picked up by the student nightlife hotspot radar for many is that unlike many of Preston’s favourite student bars and clubs, Lofty’s is more about theatrics, cocktails and making culture cool than selling its liquor by the pitcher.

That said, Lofty’s enjoys a strong student patronage and is a welcome escape and refreshing alternative to another night flashing your yellow card or twerking to mainstream pop fare. As such, it is well deserving of a place on this top five, if only for its unique appeal and on managing to carve out a cool reputation (rather than a pompous one) given the quality of its drinks and fact Lofty’s is the only Preston pub to provide its drinkers with ‘a cocktail emporium’.

The Assembly

The Assembly is one of Preston’s best loved, busiest and favourite pubs in Preston. Its patrons are a diverse mix of locals, students and those looking for a decent pub that makes an effort to cater for those wanting to catch the football during big tournaments – especially as along with twenty different TV screens dotted about this expansive pub, The Assembly also features the two largest screens in Preston.

As such, The Assembly is also the perfect place to begin a night out or get yourself along to when first arriving in or moving to Preston as you aren’t just likely to meet fellow students, but also get a real flavour of Preston, its people and its vibrant culture.

Apparently too busy serving its thousand strong patrons to set up its own website, you can find out more about The Assembly Pub via the Skiddle website, which is actually also a favourite site amongst Preston’s student population as it is a veritable goldmine of gig goings on and contains information on pretty much all of Preston’s best-loved pubs, bars and nightclubs.


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