Christmas on a Budget for Students – Easy 6 point guide

Christmas on a Budget

November 15, 2018 - bellvue-admin - Student Life

The Christmas period is just around the corner and I bet you cannot wait to spend time with all the family, right? Or maybe not…

Christmas is a great excuse to visit home and to spend some time with family and friends.

It’s all about the 3 P’s. Presents, Pub and Parties. Plus, great food! And if you can make a 20cl bottle of whiskey last until you’ve swindled your drunk Auntie out of her monopoly winnings on boxing day – then you’re absolutely winning!

Now, we understand that you might be worrying about how expensive it all is. After all, Monopoly bills will only cut it with your family and not in the real world.
Christmas Budget Presents

That is why here at Bellvue Students, we have come up with a list of ideas to help you absolutely smash Christmas this year, and on a budget too! Instead of desperately counting down for your student loan to drop in January, here’s how you can enjoy watching your family open their presents:

  1. Decide on a Budget

It sounds obvious, but if you have a set budget for yourself to work with it will definitely help you manage your money better. Once all your bills and travel arrangements for coming home have been sorted, you know how much you can spend. Make sure that you can afford everything you need this year for Christmas.

Remember to be realistic, you are a student after all so your family and friends aren’t going to be expecting anything too expensive this year. Nor do you need to ‘make it rain’ down the pub!

  1. Secret Santa

Having to buy presents for ALL of your friends is never great on your bank account and can launch yourself into a serious Christmas debt. This is where Secret Santa will save the day. If you have no idea what it is, let us explain; the game involves putting everyone’s name into a hat and the same person pulling a different name out. Whoever’s name you get is the person you buy the gift for. Set a budget so no one overspends! This way, everyone ends up getting a present and your budget hasn’t been ruined.

Family Christmas Presents

If you want to get further details and information on how to properly organise Secret Santa, visit here.

  1. Family Presents

A great way to reduce the number of presents you buy for Christmas, is by investing in whole-family presents. This Christmas, why not give your family and friends a present which they won’t forget and will treasure instead.

This way your gift won’t get lost in a pile between socks, new PJ’s and an unwanted book. Don’t risk buying them individual presents that they use for a week and then hide them at the bottom of their cupboard for the seeable future.

You could also pair up with any siblings and share the financial strain to treat your parents.

There are many ideas which you can choose from, here are a few we have come up with to inspire you:

  • A family day out
  • Cinema tickets
  • Holiday vouchers
  • A photo book with special moments
  • Attraction season tickets
  1. Handmade Gifts

Why not get creative this Christmas and go DIY on the gifts? Ideas can vary from paintings and sketches to carefully selected mixtapes. There are many handmade gifts to choose from that’ll cost you a minimal price or maybe even nothing.

Most people really appreciate gifts which have a lot of thought and personality behind them, even if it isn’t the greatest, it’s the thought that counts right?
Christmas Handmade Gifts

If you haven’t been blessed with creative skills, you could always have a bit of fun in the kitchen. Make your own Christmas cake, cookies, brownies, whatever you fancy, I’m sure it will go down an absolute treat! No-one has ever turned down home-made flavoured Vodka – FACT. Except maybe Granny.

If you fancy treating the whole family and making your own Christmas cake, here is an easy recipe to follow.

  1. Re-Gifting

Let’s be honest, we have all done it in the past. There’s always that body lotion or book you never read hiding in your bedroom somewhere. Now it’s the best time to do just that, if you have any previous gifts which never got used, wipe away the dust and wrap them up for a friend!

However, if you are to do it, just a word of advice, remember who you received it off, I don’t think it’ll go down well if they get it back. Also, be considerate, make sure you are passing it on in a good condition and that it’s suitable.

  1. Don’t do it at all!

It may sound odd, but it can help massively. See if you can come up with some sort of an agreement with a bunch of your friends or family members to not buy anything for each other for Christmas this year.

Most people will get it and will agree with the idea as you are a student. It always works best with fellow students as they’re more than likely going to be in the same situation as you are. Asking them not to buy gifts for you shows that you’re not just looking to hoard the presents, and you could take a load off their mind too!

So, there you have it, our Christmas on a budget tips to help all you students out there, good luck and Merry Christmas.

You’ll thank us when your drinking through the hangover and avoiding papercuts on Christmas morning!


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