Why You Need to Look for Your 2019/2020 Property Now

Looking for Student Accommodation in Preston

January 24, 2019 - bellvue-admin - Preston

Have you started to think about where you’re going to live in your next academic year? If you’re currently at university, you’re probably busy studying and keeping up with your social life, like most uni student’s do. Meaning more than likely you haven’t thought about this yet. But now is the time to!

Here are some reasons why you should start looking for your 2019/2020 Student Accommodation now.

Get the Best Location

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Want to live in Preston city centre? If the answer is yes, then you need to start looking for a student property as soon as possible. If you leave it until last minute, you will have very little choice of properties and won’t be able to be picky about location. To ensure that you don’t have to travel far or get public transport to campus, you will need to sign up to a property now.

All of Bellevue’s properties are within walking distance to UCLan so you can have extra lie ins in bed, walk home after drinks with your mates or pop back home between lectures if you want to.

Live with your Besties

One of the best things about university is that you get to meet new people and make lifelong friends. If you already know who you want to live with for your next academic year, you need to start thinking about student houses sooner rather later.

We see it every year where people leave it too late and end up having to live in different houses from there friends. So, round your besties up and arrange a viewing of one of our properties. This way, you can guarantee that you won’t get split up!

No Last Minute Stress


As your academic year comes to an end, you will be busy with deadlines and exams, and you won’t want the extra stress of having to sort out a place to live. If you’re organised and get it out of the way now, it’ll be one less thing to worry about later in the year.

Bellvue are here to help you get the very best student accommodation for 2019/2020, from finding the right property and booking a viewing to filling out the applications and understanding your payments. There’s no stress when you sign up to a Bellvue house.

Why Choose Bellvue

Our properties are stylish and modern, making them the perfect place for you to study, cook and relax. We also include flat screen TVs so that you can keep up to date with your latest shows and fast wi-fi, so you can submit your essays and stream Netflix to your heart’s content. And if this isn’t enough, our student houses are perfectly located for your university studies and trips to the shops, bars and clubs.

If you have any questions about our student houses, there is lots of useful information in our FAQs. Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly team by calling 01772 257 056 or filling out our online enquiry form.



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