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Happy Students - How to Survive University

December 20, 2018 - bellvue-admin - Student Life

When it comes to Uni, people often say that they had the best time of their lives, and they certainly aren’t wrong! However, there is the argument, that being a student isn’t easy. Money worries, work overload and hangovers are just some of the many challenges along the way.

There are many questions that you might ask yourself during Uni. For instance, is a pizza and a pot noodle a day unhealthy? How do I balance the snotty boss at my part time job and all of my revision for my exams? Can I afford to skip revising again for a night at the Union? Why did I choose this course?

However, don’t worry! These questions might feel endless, but they are all normal. Maybe avoid pizza every day of the week though. That’s why we have come up with this helpful list of skills which will help you absolutely smash Uni life!

  1. Managing your Budget

When it comes to your financial situation during university, you’ve got to be realistic. Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to have a lot of cash in their bank account! Although, being penniless is something you can avoid if you manage your money much more carefully and efficiently.

Firstly, a highly recommended option is to get yourself a prepaid budgeting card. The way in which you would go about using it, is by placing a certain amount of cash on the card each month and assigning that as your available income. This would be used for food, cosmetics, nights out and other expenses. By doing this, this stays separate from your cash for rent and bills.

By going about managing your money like this, you’re more likely to stay within the chosen budget you have assigned yourself – as you have no choice, fundamentally. As well as this, the majority of banks nowadays have online banking, therefore, you can easily access and keep an eye on what you’ve spent and how much you have left until the end of the month!

  1. Learn to Cook and Start a Meal Plan

Having at least a good idea of the basics for a meal routine, such as what and when to eat, will certainly prevent you from demolishing an entire week’s worth of shopping in the space of a few days, and will save you a good handful of cash.

The best tip to give Uni students, is to get into the routine of having a meal plan. By having a plan, it will allow yourself to have a weekly shop, with a few dishes in mind. Your weekly shop should consist of one meal that can be divided into several meals, snacks for when you come to revising and of course, essential hangover supplies. BOOM! You have officially taken up the role of becoming a responsible adult, it’s that easy. (Unless you don’t like the thought of that at this moment in time, it’s up you). Learning to cook isn’t as daunting as it sounds and is an important life skill that you can use to impress. Don’t be scared, give it ago, be sensible, try it, persevere and before you know it you’ll be on MasterChef.

TOP TIP: Bulk cook a Chili on a Sunday, portion it and freeze it to eat at a later date. The next Sunday bulk cook a homemade soup, lasagna, or Bolognese etc, portion and freeze. That way you don’t get bored of eating the same meal. Cooking from scratch is a lot cheaper and healthier than buying jars of sauces.

One aspect to bear in mind during your meal plan, is not to go shopping for the sake of it when you’re hungry. All this will end in, is yourself wasting money on little snacks and then regretting it afterwards when you check your bank account. If you’re hungry, have a drink, make a quick snack or meal, there are many resources out there which can help. For example, check this out.

  1. Know When to Call it a Night

It is very easy to get carried away on a night out. Usually, “Just one more drink”, goes straight out of the window and you will immediately regret it in the morning.


A very good skill to acquire, is to know when to say that’s it, enough is enough. This takes some solid will power, especially when all of your mates are egging you on. A way of helping yourself attempt to control how much you drink during a night, is by going to the cash machine and withdrawing an amount you’re happy to spend. When that’s gone, it’s time to go home.

TOP TIP: Do not rinse your money straight away!

Try not to be peer pressured by your friends on a night out and stay longer than you intended. Let’s be honest, are you going to miss much after 1am? Probably not. (More than likely, you won’t be able to remember what happened anyway!).

For more tips and help on nights out, visit here.

  1. Ask for help

For all areas of uni life, if you’re struggling or need help on anything, do not be afraid to ask for help. Remember, the majority of uni students are currently feeling the same as you are, tired, stressed and maybe homesick. The University Union is a great source for resources and information. Never be ashamed or afraid to use it. They are there for you.

The best way to help yourself, is by going to speak to someone, such as your tutor or someone who you know you can sit down with to discuss your current workload. From this, you’ll feel much better about yourself and a loud of weight will be dropped off your shoulders.

Asking for support with regards to your financial problems is nothing to be worried about. We’re sure your parents would always help you out if need be, sometimes it must be done! If that’s a problem, it’s always worth remembering that the government uses your parents’ income to calculate how much maintenance loan to give you.

  1. Dealing with Chores

Now I know, life sucks when you must start cleaning up your own mess. Unfortunately, this has to be done, otherwise your room will be vile and won’t smell the greatest… Imagine, leftover takeaway lying around the house, it’s not what you want to be walking into, or worse bringing someone back to.

The best way of going about this, assuming you’re living with roommates, is to come up with a cleaning rota so everyone does a job. However, our best advice would be to clean together because sometimes, some roommates are lazy and won’t get the job done if left to themselves. Don’t be that person who doesn’t do their fair share or leaves their dirty washing unattended in the communal kitchen for days. It won’t win you many fans.

To make it more enjoyable, turn the music up and have some fun with your friends. Once it’s done, you could always suggest the idea of going out for food or getting a takeaway. I’m sure this will influence your roommates. As they say, food is always the answer! Again, this doesn’t need to be expensive, set a budget and stick to it.


There you have it, our tips on surviving university like a boss! We are sure you’ll smash it. For any further questions or advice on university, by all means contact us today on 01772 258551.


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