Mapping The Price Of A Pint – A Student’s Dream

February 25, 2016 - bellvue-admin - Student Life

It’s no secret that the majority of students aren’t shy of a drink or two, and for this reason are always on the look for a cheap drink, bar or midweek happy hour.

No matter where you go to uni, many of us will have that age old argument about the difference between North and South with someone from the opposite end of the country.

This can be about your pronunciation of the word “bath”, what you call a bread bun (cob, roll, barm etc) or whether Bovril is a delicious beef based drink or an absolute disgrace.

Another classic regional bone of contention between students is of course the price of a pint of beer.

Comments like “back home in my local” or “I could get two for the price of one for that up North” are the types of bold statements that get thrown around when engaging in these important debates.

This conversation feels endless, that is until now of course. Thanks to the guys over at CityBase Apartments, we can now compare on average the price of a pint per county across England and Wales with this brilliant infographic shown below.

Sighs of relief will ring across the Midlands and North of England (particularly here at Bellvue) as the cheapest pint part of the infographic shows that 11 of the 12 cheapest counties are based there, with Cornwall being the sole southern representative.

Herefordshire picks up the coveted number one spot with an average of £3.10 and England’s biggest county Yorkshire is close behind at number two on £3.15.

Apart from a couple of surprises, the most expensive is fairly straight forward, with 10 of the 12 based in the South and South East.

Unsurprisingly London comes in as the most expensive at £3.92 a pint, although I can bet plenty of us have had one more expensive than that there.

However, CityBase haven’t stopped there and in fact have gone a step further by comparing our averages with those across a number of European countries.

If you are planning on going interrailing and enjoy a drink or two, then this might seriously help you plan your route across the continent.

If you want to see where your county placed, or where the cheapest pint in Europe is, simply look below:


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